REPUTATION:  Lets talk about your brand and reputation.  You have worked hard to establish your brand and reputation.  All it takes is one bad partnership to tear it all down.  When your customers perform a simple search of your company and your facilities services provider what will they find.  We have done just that. Many times we find complaints from vendors stating they have not been paid, in some cases they leak or share unflattering information about a company.  Even worse we find many facility services companies change names every few years to attempt to shed bad reputations, legal actions, and get a fresh start.  Well we don't want to change our name.  In the industry there is no more trusted name than ours.  Simply put, when you do the right thing for your clients, your employees and your vendors you want to be recognized.  Isn't it time you partner with a Facilities Services Provider whose values align with your own?

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LATE WORK ORDERS:  How long is the turnaround time on your work orders?  Most companies number one complaint is how long it takes to get work orders completed by their Facility Services CompaniesBroken toilets, missing ceiling tiles, lifting flooring, burned out bulbs are all safety risks not to mention these things diminish your brand and image.  So why does it take so long for Facilities Services Companies to respond to work orders?  Well remember the Craigslist bullet above and remember the difficulty your Facility Services Provider has in finding sub contractors, that's why.  Once again we are different.  Major emergency work orders are fulfilled in hours, emergency work orders are normally fulfilled the same day, and other work orders (if materials are readily available) are fulfilled in 24-48 hours on average.  We get your business and we are an actual partner who takes our mission and commitment to your company seriously.

MISSED APPOINTMENTS/RECALLS:  It happens to everyone, appointments sometimes get missed.  But I am guessing it happens with your Facilities Services Company all to often.  Each missed appointment or recall can be costing you money.  You arrange staffing and other considerations.  Why is this happening?  Well quite simply and far too often Facilities Services Companies look for techs online, offer low pay, and then cross their fingers that the tech will show up.  We know their sales pitch made you think this would not happen, but it is happening, and not just with you.  We will not say we do not have missed appointments and recalls, as that would be a ridiculous claim, however we can state unequivocally that we have the lowest no show rate and recall rate of any of our competitors. The reason is our staff and techs are dedicated to us, this is their job, they tend to show up to work (as opposed to a gig), our techs are all trained externally as well as through our comprehensive internal training program on standards, quality, and process, unlike Facilities Services Companies who have a bunch of recent high school graduates working out of cubicles  our teams have actual industry experience and are true professionals.  

CONTRACT OR NO CONTRACT THAT IS THE QUESTION:  While we understand pricing and service level commitments need to be documented on an agreement. We don't force our clients to sign contracts as to how long they need to use our services. If you want a contract we can definitely do that, but our reason for not requiring it is simple.  Our entire model is predicated on our ability to do a better job for less.  If we are doing that we know you will stay with us, if we are not all a contract will do is make for a bad relationship.  We do business in a modern world, but hold true to old fashioned principals.  We promise to do a great job, save you money and improve your services, if we do we hope you will continue to use our services.

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YOU WERE PROMISED SAVINGS:  Why haven't those savings materialized?  In fact you are probably paying more.  There are two reasons for this.  The first is the most simple, the company you hired to manage your facilities services is a middle man.  They promise that NTE's will control costs, and have fancy charts and numbers. The issue is they have no control over their process.  The control is completely with the sub contractor.  They too are sales people. So they go onsite, then ask for more money, at that point most Facility Services Providers agree and fight on behalf of the sub contractor and not you to get the increase. Why because the person in the cubicle wants to make their life more simple, and not get in trouble with their manager.  The second reason is the magical part of Facility Services Companies.  It all an illusion.  You are paying for their software, you are paying markups on their subs (remember they are the middle men), you are paying for them to manage, and bill, and anything else they can charge you for.  In the end most clients pay on average over 47% more than if they just went direct with a contractor.  We understand you don't want to manage contractors, but isn't that what the Facilities Services Companies are selling, so why do you pay extra for that, and then get shoddy management.  We are once again different. Our pricing is below industry standards for direct hire Contractors (so we are already 47% plus below most facility service companies on the work alone), we then do not add in any other fees or charges, and we provide a greater level of wrap around services.  So to put it simply you pay less and get much more. 

CRAIGSLIST:  Who doesn't love Craigslist?  Its a great place to find yard sale items and apartments. But when you are paying top dollar to a Facilities Services company it should make you uncomfortable that they are searching for vendors on sites like Craigslist, Thumbtack, Porch, Home Advisor, Home Smith and others.  The reason is a little known secret in the industry.  Most companies don't have very many sub contractors, and most have no self performing staff.  Furthermore most sub contractors complete lets than 2.3 services for a Facilities Services company before refusing to work for them again.  Well once again we are different. The reason is when we first started in the business we too were one of those sub contractors.  We didn't like how we were treated so we decided to go out on our own.  We have National Coverage with our own Self Performing Technicians and Dedicated Technicians.  What this means for you is when you have one of our techs onsite, you don't have to worry about their background, unlike when you hire from other companies.

BENEFITS AND OFFERS:  No matter how large your company is, budgets are budgets.  Many companies miss scheduled maintenance in order to help their District and Regional Managers show cost savings.  But imagine if you could get those same cost savings, maintain a balanced monthly budget without unplanned for increases all while still getting your services performed.  Well you can.  We offer standard pricing models.  But we also offer plans where you pay the exact same amount each month, regardless of the service scheduled for the month.  For example if you get 2 Strip and Waxes a year and 10 Scrubs, we would immediately perform the strip, and begin providing the scrubs, however you would pay one flat monthly fee.  We also offer bundled packages.  So instead of paying for floor cleaning, window cleaning and high dusting as separate items we bundle the services to give you substantial savings.  We do the same for maintenance and exterior services as well. Imagine being able to budget for those constantly clogged floor drains.  Instead of surprises you can pay one monthly fee, and each time the drain is clogged someone shows up in a fast manner and makes it right.  You see we are different, we want to be your partner in facility services, we want you to stay with us and tell all your peers about us.  We are your partner for the long run.